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Our production and services meet ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949 and RoHS. Therefore, our services are useful for products in a variety of industries and we are also contributing to environmental protection.

Quality assurance in the production process
Solder inspection
Three-dimensional visual inspection
In-circuit test
Screen mask cleaner
Quality assurance for shipment
CT/X-ray inspection
Appearance inspection by visual
3D automatic visual inspection [outline]
Automatic dimension measurement

Equipment name Model Maker
Solder inspection machine VP5200/KLS5421A CDK/Anritsu
Automated optical inspection machine VT-RNSⅡ/VT-S730H/VT-S1080 OMRON
CT/X-ray inspection machine VT-X750 OMRON
X-ray inspection machine MF160C/NEO690Z PONNY industry
Image Dimension Measurement machine IM-6225/IM-7000 KEYENCE
In-circuit tester ESI-2002/ESI-2020 Shindenshi
In-circuit tester FA1220-02 HIOKI
Digital microscope VHX5000/DMW143 KEYENCE/SHIMADZU
Particle counter KR-12A RION
Reflow checker RCM-G MALCOM
Material tester STA-1150 A & D Orientecc
Low potential measuring device KSD-0303/NK-7001 KASUGA DENKI/Nihon Denkei
Industrial microscope L150 Nicon
L.C.R meter KC-594 KOKUYO
Electrometer R-8340/R6871 Advantest
Multimeter VOAC7411/TR6847 Advantest / KENWOOD
Digital multi thermometer HLB-76 Anritsu
Surface thermometer HP-4F Anritsu
Conductivity meter ES-14 HORIBA
Digital torque measuring device KDTA-100 NAKAMURA
Thermo-hygrostat PL-1KPH ESPEC
Vibration tester VS-30-03 IMV
Cold impact tester TSE-11-A ESPEC
Screen mask cleaner SC-AH100-LV Sawa

About "IATF16949"

IATF 16949 is a technical specification aimed at the development of a quality management system which provides for continual improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and the reduction of variation and waste in the automotive industry supply chain and assembly process. IATF 16949 applies to the design/development, production and, when relevant, installation and servicing of automotive-related products. Vehicle assembly plants will be encouraged to seek IATF 16949.

  • JQA-0964
  • JQA-EM5330
  • JQA-AU0303

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